Welcome to Professional Senior Care
When it comes to the health of your loved one or a family member, making health care decisions is highly critical. Many families across America have become limited to getting care directly from the hospital, a nursing home or a skilled care facility. While these may be considered viable options, it may not necessarily be the most convenient. Long-term admission in a care facility could put distance between your family and the patient. Wouldn’t it be so much easier if the patient could stay at home without compromising the level of quality care he or she gets?

At Professional Senior Care , our agency solves the dilemma many families go through. We combine the convenience of home placement with the structured health services usually provided in hospitals and/or nursing homes.

Home Health Care: a manner of care provision that allows the clients to stay in the comforts of home. Our care professionals will be scheduled to visit the client at home in predetermined regular or intermittent schedules. They bring the similar care superiority to a home setting, executing both personal care tasks and clinical/rehabilitative therapy programs with precision and competence.

Advantages of Home Health Care:
  • More convenient alternative to long-term care hospitalization or similar health care arrangements
  • Less costly health care services without reducing the quality
  • Patient/Clients enjoys the comforts of home close to family or loved ones who can give them emotional support
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