COMPANY PROFILE OCCT Enigineering is pleased to provide our company profile, as well of records of- activities done over the past ten years, in terms of the standards that we provide to our customers, in the areas of surveillance, counter-surveillance, network communications, as vvell digital and analog systems. we do not only provide reliable and quality services, but also procure install, maintain surveillance cameras, provide wired / wireless internet networks, consult, train, impact globally,and solve security issues in personal, corporate, and or Aviation Renforcement Agencies engineering firm. supplies and installs solar panels, inverters, command and control monitors, wires, connectors, solar oven and solar showers.Aviation

OCCT" Engineering and its strategic partners provide custom solutions for our government clients in acquiring jamming equipment which include, radio and cellular broadcasting detection, through our intelligent cellular detection and communication controls, by way of RF- Jammers. As a supplier of security cameras digital video recorder, and DVR security systems, we offer complete security solutions that are an absolute necessity for every business, industry, Manufacturing plants and home

With our team of engineers and partners, vve are able to provide quick answers on matters regarding wide area networks and new and refurbished WAN equipment, or how to essentially supply a wide area network OCCT Engineers will train, if needed, the basics on how to become an ISP obtain new ISP products, in addition to equipment repairs, We also pmvide corporate end-users, with new and refurbished netvvorking equipment.