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Welcome to Netlands Consulting & staffing
Netlands Consulting & Staffing is dedicated to providing quality service. Our services include skilled nursing, aides, wound care, dressing change, therapist, and more.

For more information, please call 703-991-9020, or fill out the Contact Form on the right.

Our mission is to be the premier healthcare service provider with the capabilities to provide per-diem staffing, permanent staffing, and CPR training. Blessed Healthcare will accomplish this mission by supporting clients in providing excellent patient care, providing jobs to skilled healthcare professionals, and providing training to clients and employees to enhance their ability to assist individuals in an emergency.

If you or someone you know is caring for a loved one and just can't seem to find enough time, Netlands Consulting & staffing can send a highly-skilled and qualified professional in your place. Most of us tend to lead very busy lives, its comforting to know that Netlands Consulting & staffing has caring and knowledgeable staff to help with the burden of caring for that special person in your life.