Welcome to Mesa Pizza Company

Welcome to Mesa Pizza Company, an authentic mom and pop Italian pizzeria with a flavor of Santa Barbara where quality, consistency, and passion goes into the preparation of every dish. In 1996 after opening our first pizzeria in Solvang, California, we decided it was time to come into the lively neighborhood of Santa Barbara and show off our award winning pizzas. Located at the very end of the strip mall, this was the only location available to open up Mesa Pizza. Ironically, this was the first business in this strip mall but had a subpar location. Hidden in the corner and below road level, we were later coined by a very appropriate term “A hidden gem in Santa Barbara”. We converted this location into our own pizzeria and added our own twist of flavors originating from our Mauritian/South African/Indian spices. Raj Singh was paramount in formulating the spices which has remained unchanged. His signature ranch which originally started with 4% fat has now been reduced to 1% fat. We have not changed suppliers since our inception and the cheese we use is 100% pure whole milk mozzarella. Our sauce is made from freshly packed tomatoes (Not from concentrate!). Our dough is made daily, meats freshly cut, lasagnas and meatballs homemade, crisp vegetables hand chopped, and dressings also homemade. In 1998, we were amongst the first to use spelt as a wheat alternative. Over the years because some customers were also celiac, we created our own hand made fresh gluten free dough (which we still advise our customers to call us at least one hour ahead for this).
We are active in supporting our local schools and colleges. Our main passion in community support comes in respect to our commitment to the Alpha Resource Center since 2000. That eventually progressed into having all Alpha’s residents celebrate their birthdays at Mesa Pizza with free pizzas. There was one individual who would not eat pizzas because of being allergic to dough. Even gluten free was visually not acceptable to him, and that is when I invented the world's first crustless pizza!! (Sounds cheesy huh?) We call it a PIZZANIA because it’s eaten like a lasagna. I later introduced this new creation to the pizza expo in Las Vegas in 2004.
All our pizzas are hand stretched into regular, thick, thin, or pan crust - largest being 16”. Recognitions include being voted the best pizza by the culinary gurus of Santa barbara city college in 2002. And most recently being in the running for an episode on Diners Driveins and Dives.
This year we celebrate our 20th anniversary and want to thank our local patrons for their incredible love and support over the past two decades.

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