Magic Elves Landscaping

Once upon a time, in a far away kingdom, there was a group of . . . Magic Elves? Huh?

That's right, we are Magic Elves Landscaping and proud to be Arizona's leader when it comes to offering year-round lawn care maintenance, irrigation, and landscape design and installations. Most people hate to brag, but we are so darn proud of our crews and company that we have no choice but to put them in the spotlight. Do you know of any other landscaping company out there that offers:

Our goal is simple. We want our customers to love and trust Magic Elves Landscaping. That's why each and every day we learn from our experiences so that we're effective, responsive, and most importantly, proactive with the way we do things. The next time you have a chit-chat with someone about your landscaping company, we want the other person to say, "Your landscaping company really does all that?"

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The landscape design process starts when a change is needed. Long before you call our office the process began with you.

With our experience and knowledge stretching back prior to 1982 we structure the construction process to each specific

Our Lawn Maintenance teams can help you in almost all facets of your lawn and landscape. Our trained lawn mowing