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oldest and most trusted discount flooring store on the internet. As the nation's first e-commerce flooring website, iFLOOR has made it possible for consumers to get factory direct discounts on brand name flooring. Because we buy from the factory in large volume and our ability to warehouse large amounts of inventory, we get the lowest prices on flooring. We then pass on those discounts to our customers allowing you to pay wholesale prices for flooring. And because it's in our warehouse, we offer the fastest shipping on the internet. When you buy from a typical flooring store, there are two links in the chain between you and the factory. First it goes to a distributor, then to a flooring retailer. That's two markups between you and your new flooring. Also, dealers pay freight to have your floors delivered to them (a cost that is always built into their prices). That means you're paying to have your floor shipped no matter where you buy it, but when you buy at iFLOOR, it's like you're buying directly from the floor distributor. Many discount flooring retailers even buy directly from us.

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