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RidMeds is an easy, safe, and environmentally friendly way to dispose of unwanted and unused narcotic+pain reliever medications.
RidMeds is a new and innovative product that fully deactivates drugs, rendering them irretrievable, and also allows for the disposal of drugs without the possibility of leaching into landfills or watersheds. Our mission with RidMeds is to help create a safer home while also creating a cleaner environment.
Every day, prescription drugs are abused by people for the first time, thrown in the trash unaltered, or flushed down the toilet .
Our product aims to alleviate the health and environmental problems of prescription drug disposal by creating a safe and cost effective way to neutralize prescription drugs while also preventing the possibility of the disposed drugs from re-entering the environment.Readmore...
Our technology is an inexpensive prescription medicine disposal system that would provide a simple means for even older patients (prescription drug “end-user”) or members of their household to safely render prescription drugs unusable and effectively contained in order to minimize the potential for diversion or accidental exposure to children or pet. Hospitals and clinics welcome such a product and scaled up versions can be easily fabricated (patent pending).
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