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Welcome to Father's Rights Legal Office...!
Are you a father or husband faced with a pending divorce? Are you dealing with property division or child custody/support issues? Perhaps you’re facing a situation where you’re being alienated as a parent or your the mother of your children has given you notice of intent to relocate with the children. These are serious issues that can permeate every area of your life creating emotional and financial distress. I know because I’ve experienced it all myself. Unfortunately our legal system adds to all the stresses of divorce by leaning in favor of the mother by default. Without a careful strategic approach to your case you could be at a disadvantage right from the start.

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"  Fathers Rights Legal Office was established by a Father and Son team who truly endured the difficulty and pain of a tedious legal custody battle that lasted for several years. We are able to share our experience from our first hand perspective and interaction with the Superior Court of California, Family Court Services- Mediation, Child Protective Services, and even a rigorous 730- Evaluation. Clients can now benefit from our wisdom and experience which can give an advantage in their fight to protect their legal rights and ensure that the parent child relationship goes undisturbed. We pride ourselves in our work and receive the vast majority of our business from referrals of satisfied clients and even women, including our clients’ mothers, sisters and new significant others. We have hand selected our staff based on their passion for their particular area of expertise. Father's Rights Legal Office® was created to ensure your rights as a husband and father are represented and protected throughout the marriage dissolution process."
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