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Speech Language


Vision Statement

Enriched Speech Solutions, LLC is committed to making an impact in the lives of others by offering solutions that will enhance the interactions our neighbors, their families and the world.

Mission Statement

It is our mission to serve the individuals and families of our community, providing educational and developmental services to those who venture to prevail in excellence.

Welcome to Enriched Speech Solutions

Hailing from the steamy island of St. Croix, Davida Richardson, is enthused, energized and elated to embark on a journey of Speech and Language adventure.
Being of West Indian descent Ms. Richardson has lived on various island countries and has a rich heritage stemming from the British, Dutch, French and American cultures.
She moved to Atlanta, Georgia as a young child, and encountered Public Schools in the Fulton County School System. An honor graduate from Tri-Cities High School with a Magnet Diploma in the area of Performing Arts, violin, Ms. Richardson accepted a full scholarship to attend Valdosta State University. Feeling confident about her choice of major, Davida embraced the Langdale School of Business and completed her studies in three and one half years. She served on the College of Business Administration Student Council, showing leadership potential in her final year of her undergraduate studies.
Marching across the stage in May of 2004, Ms. Richardson was awarded a Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting, all while working two part-time jobs. She provided administrative assistance and tutoring services for the Department of Modern and Classical Languages, offering study skills for the students who required assistance in the areas of French and Spanish. She also worked as Customer Service Representative, an Ambassador of DirecTV.
While maintaining her service position at DirecTV, Ms. Richardson went on to serve as a tax preparer for H & R Block and local Accounting Firms. She also served as the Accountant for Centex Construction, now noted as Balfour Construction. She enjoyed the work but she missed the interaction with the masses. Something continued to tug at her heart and she knew she had to concede.
Speech Language Pathology was never an area that Davida had researched. She knew how communication, and the inability to communicate, could impact a person’s social, emotional and physical well-being. She wanted to be a resource for students who display difficulty expressing themselves.