Dr. Patricia Adelekan  Introduction !

I am a 1997 Hall of Fame Educator, I hold a Ph.D. in Education and have lived overseas for over 14 years. I love people, am compassionate and put God first.

Dr. Patricia Adelekan, better known as Dr. Pat was born in Columbus, Ohio where she received her basic education. She earned a B.A. degree from The Ohio State University in 1966; a M.A. degree from San Francisco State University and her Ph.d. from the University of Ibadan, Ibadan Nigeria.

Dr. Pat has been an educator for many years. She trains teachers and has taught in high schools – like Valley High and in colleges and universities – all over the world. She has taught at Cerritos College, Long Beach City College, Compton Community College, and the Unversity of Southern California to mention a few institutions..

What does she teach???? She teaches integrated and cross cultural studies, and languages: English, ESL, French and German and some Spanish. Dr. Pat Speaks 5 languages and is also founder of a well-known non-profit youth organization called Youth-on-the-Move, Inc. She is the founder of the International Educators’ Hall of Fame with representations from 21 countries.