Darfur People's Association of California was established in 2011 as a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization promoting the successful integration and physical and emotional health of the Darfur refugee population in San Diego. Darfur refugees in San Diego have escaped from genocide and ethnic cleansing of the Sudanese Regime. Millions of these citizens were killed, raped and forced to flee from their own native country. DPACA will be a leading organization in the fight against genocide and mass atrocities in Darfur.

DPACA vision is a Darfur people where future generations can live in peace and dignity. We plan to support the physical and emotional needs within the Darfurian community residing in California creating opportunities for them to lead a fulfilling life.

Mass Rape by Army in Darfur

(New York) - Sudanese army forces raped more than 200 women and girls in an organized attack on the north Darfur town of Tabit in October 2014, Human Rights Watch said

Nepal Earthquake

"We get information, or families show concern that someone might be missing,” Bodde said. “We immediately start putting them into our database and look at what information we have.”

U.S., UK, French visit to Darfur

U.N. envoys said Sudan's failure to grant visas to the deputy ambassadors of the three veto-wielding Western powers was a further sign of Khartoum's increasingly confrontational

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