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and factory trained technicians
who can install
high pressure misting systems
Residential Services
If you're a homeowner having a professionally installed custom misting system can cool your outdoor living or entertaining area up to 30°
Commercial Services
At Custom Mist our systems allow businesses to maximize valuable seating capacity and will draw passerby’s in.
Industrial Services
Custom Mist offers misting solutions for: Dust and Odor control, Animal Cooling, Green House Humidification, Schools and more.
Misting Fans
At Custom Mist we manufacture and install a wide verity commercial and industrial stationary and oscillating misting fans for ultimate cooling for a wider area of coverage where a mist system around your patio is just not enough or for very high humid climates. Misting fans can be added to any existing misting system and will cool you off as much as 35 degrees instantly. All of our mist rings are made of stainless steel and come in a wide verity of sizes so they can be retrofitted to any size fan with any number of nozzles. Shut-off valves can be added to any mist ring so you can just use the fan without the mist if you prefer or we can just install fans without attaching any mist to the fan so you can just move more air around your patio. All stainless steel mist rings come with a lifetime warranty against manufacture defects.
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Misting Nozzles
At Custom Mist we create a dry curtain of mist around the perimeter of your patio or desired area in which you want to cool that flash evaporates and does not get the surrounding area wet and that is due to our custom designed atomization nozzles that are made of brass with a stainless steel impeller chamber. Each nozzle is equipped with an anti-drip ball and spring that will shut the nozzle down at 70 psi. which will help eliminate clogging and dripping of the nozzles when the system is shut down. A standard mist nozzle orifice is .008 and each water droplet is 1/10th. the size of a human hair. Other sizes and stainless steel nozzles are available to meet any requirements.
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