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You've attempted America's favorite European cosmetics... at last you can experience Europe's favorite European skin care brand ~ The new invention of Biologically Active Collagen, based off of fish collagen that contains the amino acid structure similar to humans.
It's the only protein product on the market that not only replenishes the collagen deficit in your skin but also increases its production and stimulates the action of Fibroblasts, in return, slowing the skin aging process for years.

Native Collagen Pure

NEW GENERATION OF NATURAL COLLAGEN: Native Collagen Pure is the first product of new fish collagens characterized by temperature resistance and 5.3 pH which is ideal for the skin. The product retains helical conformation, i.e. the form of native, live protein, for years, even outside of the body of the donor fish, when kept in a glass bottle. Because of the temperature resistance and worry free storage requirements, this product is absolutely fantastic addition to all products offered by Collagen Essentials.

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