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What’s BandCademy all about?
BandCademy takes a performance-based approach to building music and life-skills through the real-world challenge of students rehearsing as a band to perform in a concert. At the core of our school is our BandUp! rock band program for students ages 7 - 17. We also offer students 5 and up tandem and individual lessons for popular rock instruments and voice to get our students band-ready and keep them progressing as musicians. Our highly qualified band coaches are dedicated to working with our students to build music, collaboration, goal-setting and conflict resolution skills.

What makes BandCademy different?
BandCademy students learn to rock out IN and ON any stage in life through performance-based music instruction in a social, collaborative environment. At BandCademy we go beyond developing musical talent and give our students three things you just can’t get from individual lessons and practice:

What’s with the colored wristbands?
Just as in martial arts and scouting our students’ skill and progress is recognized and rewarded with ranks. Instead of awarding belts or badges we award colored wristbands to students in our BandUp! rock band program.
Students are evaluated during enrollment and again at each 16-week session’s final performance. The wristbands keep our students more motivated, help them set goals and make parents feel more connected to their child’s progress.

What is BandWork?
Bandcademy uses bandwork to make learning musicianship, life skills and character fun - so our student rock at home, school, work and any stage in life.  Bandwork (n.) – It’s like teamwork but it occurs when a group of musicians work together toward the same goal like rehearsing or performing.

Is BandCademy right for your family?
BandCademy is for parents who are just as concerned about their children making great friendships as they are about them making good music. BandCademy solves a major problem facing families with aspiring child musicians – How in today’s world does a responsible parent enable their child to find peers of similar interest to form bands and grow as musicians while developing positive relationships?

BandCademy’s social, collaborative approach helps kids of similar interests make and develop positive relationships with their peers. BandCademy’s Band Up! rock band program is based on research showing that a performance-based approach to music instruction improves student discipline and results in:

Who is BandCademy?
BandCademy is owned and managed by Drew Rabin. Drew is an accomplished performance consultant and program manager with a wealth of experience in assisting corporate, not-for-profit and K-12 education clients in implementing and sustaining world-class curriculum and instruction. As a career educator, Drew has taught many subjects including music education to elementary, secondary, and adult students. Drew is a lifelong musician who has been performing in rock bands since he was eight years old.

Where is BandCademy located?
Bandcademy is located at 8998A Seminole Blvd Seminole, FL 33772. The school is the last business at the north end of the shopping center between 89th and 90th Street North.