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chapman, the most trusted name in vehice Security, Convenience and Comfort Systems. In 1979, Code Alarm Was establishd and became the orignal manufacturer of remote control electronic vehicle security, convenienc and comfirt system. Since then we have grown to become the vehicle security and remote start supplier to many of the leading automortive manufacturers and retailers worldwide We continue this tradition with chapman, the code Alarm brand that is available only at New car Dealerships. We design and engineer our products in the united states, and distribute them around the world.code alarm invented the business with our advanced technologe and is specifically dedicated to the design and development of vehicle security, convenience and confort systems.
this primary product focus is what has made code Alarm the industry"s expert. for years, we have manufactured all of oru products according to automotive quality standards. No other competing company has earned more awards than Code Alarm. Code Alarm is committed to the costomers we serve. we incorporainnovation with the ability to desire engineer and manufacture products with features your costomers desire.
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