Welcome to AMC (Advanced Machinery Co)
AMC is one of the most unique and promising companies in the GCC and Middle East countries. It implements any integrated projects "Turn-Key Projects”. All sate of the art equipment and machinery for the animal production and poultry sectors are being used. AMC is the exclusive agent for many international companies specialized in the manufacture of high-quality equipment, innovative technologies and the utmost developed cost effective equipment, which are very critical in term of production, profitability and growth of the poultry industry.
Who we are
At a glance
  1. Date of establishment or founding (2008)
  2. Network presence (RIYADH)
  3. Business presence (geography) Saudi & MENA region
  4. Diversification in business (Turnkey, Up grading farms, and re-development)
Advanced Machinery Co. “AMC” is a subsidiary of “IYA Investment”. It operates within a fully integrated system to provide all the outstanding elements and specialty to support the animal production and poultry sectors.